Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Release Marketing - Oh! The places you will go!

Whether you have a new website, new product, new service, new address or new employee, anytime is a great time to send out a Press Release. This will dramatically increase your search engine visibility while at the same time sparking interest in your products and/or services.

Search Engine Optimized Press Release

A search engine optimized Press Release is one of the best ways to jump start your business. We can create and distribute a Press Release for you through one of the Web's industry leaders in press release distribution. Your release is submitted to the top search engines like Google and Bing. This press release will help the search engines find your website to crawl its content and reach millions of people across the web.

Once you submit your information to begin the Press Release process we will research your website and marketing material thoroughly and then write a professional, intriguing press release that will show how your presence on the web is newsworthy. That press release will then get picked up by thousands of media outlets and other news sources and will create instant backlinks to your website across the web.

Word spreads fast, so take advantage of this service today!

Optimized Press Release Services

  • Professionally researched, written, edited and optimized for the search engines.
  • Placement on Major News Sites(ie., Google News, Yahoo!News, topix)
  • Distributed across the web
  • Industry and Regional News RSS/XML Inclusion
  • Placement on Primium Web Sites (ie., StreetInsider, Scottrade)
  • Includes images and Placement on Photobucket
  • Statistics reporting sent at 1 week
  • National Media Distribution via The Associated Press
  • Distribution to local news sites

More Publicity With Top Media Outlets

Your Press Release will be distributed to top media outlets like the Associated Press and leading publications like the New York Times. Our list covers everything from local to global, business press to trades, and even your hometown newspaper. You can build a recognizable brand and attract new customers all while securing unbiased, third-party press coverage.

Tracking - Measure Success

News used to be measured in clippings. Today, the value of news is measured in impressions, shares, reads, traffic and engagement. We provide the tools you need to measure the real impact of your news. It's powerful. And it's simple.


See how many times your release has been read per day. You can use this information to see what's grabbing attention and easily correlate that back to your website visitors.


Check out the total amount of headline impressions your release receives each day. Headline impressions may include how often your headline was displayed on the PRWeb websites, Javascript and RSS feeds.


Get a bird's eye view of all your news release activity including information on who read the entire release, who skimmed the headline and how any times your news was shared in social media channels.

Media Deliveries

Keep tabs on which media outlets have received your news. You can use this information when following up with key reporters to make sure they've received your announcement before you call.

Traffic Sources

Understand how people are finding your news. This report will identify the search engines people are using to find you and tell you exactly how they're locating your release.

Referrals By Keyword

Learn which keywords are attracting the most attention for your business. Then, use that information to improve the effectiveness of both future releases and your Web site.

Referrals by Search Engine

Find out quickly where your audience found out about you. Combine this data with keyword referrals and see where your press and prospects are and what they're interested in.

Allow us to create a professional press release for your organization or business today! Tell us about your business and we will be in touch soon!