Website Marketing & SEO

Website Marketing & SEO

Website Marketing

We understand that every business, and every website, is different, and therefore requires a slightly different approach to website marketing online. That is why we offer a broad range of online marketing services to provide you with everything that you need, from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and link building, to social media marketing.

Some customers come to us knowing exactly which website marketing services they require, others are unable to pinpoint exactly what is missing, or how to improve their online presence. If you are having trouble differentiating one internet marketing service from the next, we can help you identify what will be best for you to increase your bottom line and improve your return on investment.

Search Engine Marketing

If potential customers can’t find your business online, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your market. It all comes down to this: people are looking for your products and services online, and with the right marketing know-how, they’ll find you. That is Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization - Organic Search

The major search engines, like Google, evaluate websites based on credibility and relevancy so that users find the best matches for their search. We evaluate your content, make modifications as needed and we make sure you show up on their radar. The better position you’ve got on the search results, the better the results for you.

Ranking well for competitive keywords requires a broad range, shotgun style, approach to online marketing. Effective SEO makes use of video, press releases, social media, maps, and should include mobile optimization. SEO isn’t as simple as just "tweaking" a website and then it's done.

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Paid Search

If you are looking for results right away, today, then paid search is the way to go. From the time you sign up to the time you start seeing customers can be as quick as a matter of days. We use paid search and paid advertising to quickly drive customers, test landing pages, and research the market. We monitor and improve your campaign over time, modifying as necessary to target only the searchers who want to find your expertise. We think you should get customers, not just traffic.

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Maps Optimization

There are over a billion local searches a month. With Maps Optimization we target your potential customers, and we put your contact info right under their noses. Customers will just be a phone call or email away.

For more information about Maps Optimization - click here.

Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to increase news about your brand while reaching a wide online audience and improving your backlinks for SEO. Our press releases are sent to a wide range of media outlets to get wide exposure for your business.

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Link Building

The most important factor judged by search engines is popularity. The more popular your website the more "relevant" the information is. The more relevant sources linking back to your website increases your popularity and too your rankings. Link building is the process of establishing quality links to your website from outside relevant sources. The key is in getting links from relevant pages of high importance. Our services can be completely tweaked for your needs and preferences.

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Social Media Marketing

The last few years have brought about an entourage of popular social media websites and apps. The most frequented websites on the Internet are social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Your customers and prospects are most likely using sites such as twitter and facebook. Maybe you should be too?

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Just contact us and let one of our experienced Account Managers provide you with a Website Marketing proposal and strategy.