Windows Cloud Website Hosting

Windows Cloud Website Hosting

Windows Cloud Website Hosting & Application Hosting


Our Shared, Cloud, VPS or Dedicated Microsoft Windows Website Hosting plans provide the ultimate security and reliability to keep your website or application online. Every package provides a suite of features, affordable pricing, 24/7 customer support, and more. Choose the right plan for your website or online application and have comfort knowing you can upgrade to meet the growing needs of your website anytime.


Reliable Windows Website Hosting

Reliable Microsoft Windows - .NET Hosting, SQL Server, Hosted Exchange, Web hosting and Email hosting services.

You get LIVE support that is available 24/7. We combine outstanding service with unparalleled response time and we focus on giving our customers exactly what they need, expect, and deserve when working with a hosting partner.

Through outstanding support and superior technical engineering we ensure that your website or application will be up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our website hosting infrastructure makes us a premier web hosting solution provider for reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity that is scalable, flexible, and secure.

Economical Shared and Cloud Windows Website Hosting

We provide the best and most economical Shared and Cloud Windows website hosting services in Central Ohio. Our commitment to excellent service and support are not compromised because of our exceptionally affordable pricing. Review our Cloud and Shared Website Hosting plans below and find the plan that meets your needs.



When quality & flexibility are as important as low price, this package is a great value for anyone. SUPER VALUE!
  • 1 GB of Storage
  • 25 GB Data Transfer
  • *Optional MSSQL database
  • 5 Email Account
ONLY $108 / YEAR


Room for 1000's of pages and millions of visitors - this is all the power most small businesses or organizations will need!
  • 2 GB of Storage
  • 50 GB Data Transfer
  • *Optional MSSQL database
  • 15 Email Accounts
ONLY $215.00 / YEAR


Increased bandwidth and storage for more files and downloads - more documents, photos, music and video files; a robust package.
  • 5 GB of Storage
  • **Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Included 4+ GB MSSQL database
  • 40 Email Accounts
ONLY $485.00 / YEAR
* Optional MSSQL databases can be added for $9/month (4 GB and under) or $15/month (5 GB+) on all hosting plans.
** Unlimited Data Transfer is based on a continuous monthly average of 1 Mbps or less, burstable to 1.5 Mbps for 3 min. Additional continuous or burstable bandwidth is billed in 1 Mbps increments.
Dedicated Windows Servers

If you need the power and resources of your own dedicated Windows server we can help. We will work with you in building the right server specifications to meet your needs.

Call 614.933.0400 or contact us online today to discuss your plans in detail and to find the right hosting solution for you and your organization.

Don't See a Suitable Windows Hosting Package Above?

Don't worry if you don't see a hosting package that suits your organziation or business, just contact us and we'll gladly discuss your needs and create a custom hosting solution just for you.

Reiliable Hosting Network Infrastructure


Our network infrastructure provides reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity with extremely high availability. Fast, continuous, un-congested packet flow is the primary focus of our hosting business. Our network operations center provides top notch fiber connections & redundancy. Our staff is available 24/7/365 to make sure that your server is up and running.

We use the latest hardware and versions of Windows Server , Windows SQL Server and Smartermail for most hosting applications.


Fire Detection and Suppression

Our data center and utility-related areas are protected by Multi Type fire detectors and dry sprinkler systems that are pressurized with air.

Industry Leading Backup Services

Have comfort knowing your data is protected through real time nightly backups on our SAN (Storage Area Network). Our SAN is connected with every shared and dedicated server allowing us to backup all of our clients content nightly. Our backups are stored both on site and off site for your protection and data reliability.

Network Power Backup & Generators

Our generator (2000KW) with fuel live capabilities is on hand should the dual 3000amp/480 volts City Power Feeds fail. There are UPS and battery strings (Dual 625 KVA UPS units) on our servers ready to offset any delay in getting the generator running. The Automated generator is run tested weekly and the manual generator is load tested quarterly.


All our cooling and air handlers are on the backup generator should main power fail. Our 7 – 30 ton glycol based air handlers control temperature and humidity throughout the data center. There is enhanced quarterly preventive maintenance performed on all facility equipment and 24-7 / 365 emergency support on all facility equipment, including the power plant generators.

Network Management

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to help stop hacking attempts and to ensure that you have the best possible connection available on the Internet today. Our network is continuously monitored both internally and from external sources so that we know of issues and can begin working on them before they effect your service.

Server Management

Our customer support engineers have the knowledge and experience to help you work through any problems with customization, configuration, and security all while maintaining a personable relationship and an openness that is rarely found in this industry today. Our support center is available live via the phone (not just by email or IM) 24/7/365.

Email Hosting

Perhaps you have a domain for your business, or just one that you want to use for email. We offer Professional Email Hosting for your domain.

If your company or organization is not yet ready for a complex website but you realize the value, security and peace of mind in having a company branded email, then Email Hosting with Forward Function is for you. Instead of using Yahoo or Gmail or other ISP service to host your business email, you can give your identity that professional touch with our affordable email hosting plans.

Email hosting allows you to access your email at your desk, on your phone or at any computer with an internet connection. You can access it online, or through 3rd party programs like MS Outlook.

Call 614.933.0400 or contact us online today to get your own vanity email address today!