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Reputation management, also referred to as brand management, leverages the search engines and helps them to display the best positive search results about a company, product, service, or individual. Reputation management is about identifying positive and negative search results, then promoting positives and eliminating or suppressing negatives. Often, reputation management includes the insertion of relevant online content in high quality locations. Additionally, reputation management also involves measuring online sentiment and gauging the general reaction of the public to your brand.

Create a Barrier Against Negative Search Results

A good offense is the best defense. By creating positive online content about your organization or your brand, and making it highly relevant for the search engines, you can create a strong presence protecting you from most forms of negative search results. A strong positive presence is accomplished through new content creation, existing content promotion, and aggressive search engine optimization. When negative postings find their way into the search engines or portals online, a strong positive presence can keep the negative suppresssed on pages further back - effectively eliminating it from view.

Control and Perception

Web reputation management enables businesses and individuals to control the first page search results of the most widely used search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). This insures that people see the information you want them to see. Start by carefully creating relevant search content like blogs, social media, press releases, articles, and other material. More, additional, relevant content is then placed over time in a natural manner. Content is updated on a regular schedule and social media and optimization are crafted around these positive content properties. The goal is to control sites that tend to dominate the first pages of search results. These hotspots are then used as a tool to control online perception in search engines for your brand or reputation.

Removing Negative Search Results

Some things just simply need to be removed. Best method is to by getting the content owner to either remove it, or place special HTML tags on the page so that search engines no longer include those pages in search results. What cannot be removed is strategically supressed to pages further back and replaced in search results by strong positive web content. Since up to 95% of searches only take place on the first page (about 42% in the first position alone), negative content supression can be as effective as removal.

Raising the Positive

You want to put your best face forward. A thorough sentiment analysis shows how a company or individual is perceived in search results in either a negative, neutral, or positive manner. Most often, the positive search results are often on page two, three, or further back - typically never seen. By promoting the properties with positive search results you gradually move them to the first page of search results, thereby changing the search scapte to reflect the best information possible. Repositioning positive search results can drastically alter online perception.

Reputation Management - DIY

With general knowledge in online content creation, content management, search engine optimization, and social media one can perform the simplest forms of reputation management. For more details visit our DIY Rep Management section.

Professional Reputation Management Services

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