Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Website Analysis

Where do you stand with your competitors? A company's online presence will have a direct impact on their success. Not only will an analysis show how you measure up, but it can provide valuable information into the marketing methods of your competitors. That information can show you exactly where to invest marketing dollars and more importantly where not to.

It is imperative that you stay aware of your direct competitors on the web. Here are a few good reason why:
  • 85% of consumers look online before they purchase
  • The web makes finding deals and your competitors easy
  • A world of background information, reviews and product comparison is open for review
  • Customers tend to return to sites where the browsing is easy (usable site) and they can find what they need.
comeptitor analysis
Our Competitor Website Analysis is comprised of the following:
  1. Design Analysis - how does it appeal to users.
  2. Functionality & Usability Analysis - ease of use, tools and resources.
  3.     • Optional E-Business or E-Commerce Analysis - lead conversion, sales, etc.
  4. Popularity Analysis - through back links.
  5. Search Engine Optimization Analysis - or lack thereof.
  6. Keyword Analysis - where do you rank.
  7. Final Review

In our Competitor Analysis we compare your direct competition to your presence online. We see what features they have on their website that you do not. We look for best practices and advanced web capabilities and functionality. We look at content, design, and marketing. Looking at these elements you can then choose what changes will give the return on investment you need.

Web Design Analysis

How does your website's look and feel measure up to the competition? Does the design utilize best practices for focusing attention and flow of information to the visitors eye? Are animation and sound implemented and implemented properly? Are the colors consistent with the overall feel of your business and personality?

Functionality & Usability Analysis

How functional is your website compared to your competitors? Do your competitors have sites that offer customers an easier time finding information? Do your competitors offer online resources or tools? Do they follow up with customers using email campaigns or newsletters?

E-Business Analysis

How easy is it for a visitor to make a purchase on your competitors website compared to yours? How well are products presented and cross-linked? What are the lead conversions? How well do you present your offer to customers - do your competitors do a better job?

Popularity Analysis

Popularity is the most important element for getting your website listed higher in the search engines. Who is linking to your competitors and why, and who is linking to you?

Search Engine Optimization Analysis

Who is optimizing their website for better search engine results? What is being done to get an edge over the competition? Where can you improve your search engine exposure?

Keyword Analysis

What are the primary keywords for your products, service or industry? Who is using them the best and how are you ranking in the search engines compared to your competitors?

Final Review

Once the comparisons have been made form these different areas, we discuss your options, make recommendations and determine what course is the best for you and your organization. The decision is yours, about which issues to address. We assist you by providing a comprehensive but easily understood comparison showing you exactly where you currently stand online.

Professional Website Competitor Analysis

Let's schedule a meeting and go over your business details. We will then perform a competitor analysis letting you know where you stand. Call us at 614.933.0400 or contact us online for this consultation.